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Trade Representatives From India, Latin America and Africa Visited VerSous

The three-day VerSous-2024 exhibition and forum has ended in Moscow, which brought together entrepreneurs interested in launching their own business and experienced players who presented their projects in the field of franchising, vending technologies and B2B solutions. As part of the exposition, 115 companies shared their achievements and innovative business proposals.

One of the significant events of VerSous was the participation and support of the project from the international business community. To get acquainted with the proposals of the Russian market and discuss mutually beneficial economic cooperation, the forum was attended by: Head of the Department of Economics and Commerce and Second Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of India - Rohit Nema, Minister Plenipotentiary of Economy and Trade of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria - Friday William Akpan, Director of the Trade Mission of the Embassy of the Republic of Ecuador - Luis Fernando Rivandeneira Ortega, as well as representatives of other countries -partners of the Russian Federation.

The distinguished guests expressed their readiness to continue and develop cooperation with Russia, stressing that in the face of global challenges it is especially important to support each other and establish new relations, because there are more and more points of economic interaction. Special attention was paid to the discussion of promising cooperation with the exhibitors of the VerSous exhibition.
"Diplomats from India, Nigeria and Ecuador have become honored guests of our VerSous International Exhibition and Forum," - said Ekaterina Soyak, founder of the VerSous project, CEO of EMTG. – "This year the exhibition has become truly International and brought together a large number of vending machine manufacturers, owners of franchise projects. This allowed our foreign guests to get acquainted with the expositions and products of our exhibitors, evaluate the variety of professional equipment, drinks and discuss opportunities for further cooperation."
The legendary American heavyweight boxer and public figure Kevin Johnson, who has recently received Russian citizenship, also became a special guest of VerSous-2024. He showed a special interest in Russian restaurant projects and franchises and announced his plans to open his own restaurant in Russia.

The possibility of business cooperation with the VerSous exhibitors will be considered in the economic blocks of the diplomatic missions of the countries that have become honorary guests of the forum.