VerSous News

The Results of the First Ever VerSous Business Market & Forum for Entrepreneurs

On March 22-24, Expocentre (Moscow) hosted the VendExpo & WRS5 exhibition 2022, which is the main Russian vending event of the year. The event was held for the first time in a new format, becoming a part of the VerSous Business Market & Forum for Entrepreneurs. 130 companies with various vending and franchising projects took part in the VerSous, which featured a fairly rich business program and was held at four forum halls. The VerSous Business Market & Forum for Entrepreneurs was visited by 5,087 people in three days. 

According to the exhibitors, the audience of the VerSous was quite diverse - from aspiring entrepreneurs looking for options to start a business to owners of companies interested in new technologies, products and IT solutions for their business. Despite the difficult economic situation caused by the sanctions, visitors came to the VendExpo and the VerSous from all over Russia, as well as from neighboring countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and others. 

The vending exposition of the business market was presented by 46 companies. Among the participants one could see Unicum, Vavilon Vending, Mir Vending, ASPVending, Carimali, VENDEX, FRAXIS, ICT, Kit Vending, Vendista, as well as Rheavendors, AQUAFOR, Telemetron, Aristocrat, Assorti and many others. All the participating companies of the year are represented on the website. 

At the forum hall Vending & E-Com Tech all the pressing problems and hot topics of vending, the possibilities of automated retail, as well as the advantages and technologies of e-commerce, were discussed and highlighted. Among the speakers were experts and specialists in the field of vending, such as Boris Belotserkovsky (Unicum), Alexander Volkov (Mir Vending, AURA), Igor Sukhostavsky (CG Vendex), Alexander Shulakov (ASPVending), Leonid Nesterenko (SOTA), Sergey Dudkin (Telemetron) and many others. Boris Agatov (New Retail, Project Line), Denis Garbuz (Orby), Azamat Mukhamedzhanov (Black Star Wear) and Ruslan Chechenin (Tele2) spoke on the topic of retail automation and e-com technologies. AR, VR, XR, HoReCa Tech, EdTech topics were also elaborated on at the hall.