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On the Benefits of Deep Tech for Business

Deep tech means “deep technology.” Deep tech startups focus not only on addressing urgent large-scale issues, but also on creating novel peerless consumer products. Deep tech, for example, is used in designing unmanned vehicles, quantum computers, self-cleaning materials, cellular food, and more.

On March 21, Olga Moskalyuk, Head of the FashionTech Center for Technology and Competence Transfer at St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design and founder of six high-tech projects at the North-West NANOcenter of the FIOP Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs, will speak in the Human&Future hall at the VerSous forum, where she will talk about deep tech technology in textile, clothing and footwear industry and what potential it can unlock.

Here are excerpts from an interview with Olga:
“We have been developing new high-tech materials for chemical and textile sectors for more than 15 years. Universities have consolidated and localized today leading manufacturers of analytical equipment that enables high level scientific research.

Our research results are already becoming part of everyday and professional life. I will mention some of them.
In 2021, ArcticTex, one of our startups, launched a line of products that have heating modules integrated into the fabric.

The TechEkra startup is working to create electrically conductive synthetic threads that are used in designing conductive and protective workwear sets. Textile materials with embedded NFC and RFID tags by the FlexFeed startup are used to prevent counterfeiting and ensure product identification.”