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Telemetron, Modulbank and Rheavendors will present at VerSous

Telemetron: acquiring, cash desks and telemetry from a market leader

Telemetron is a Russian IT company providing contactless payment, telemetry and fiscal solutions for vending machines.

The company offers the best acquiring devices compatible with the Telemetron system: the quick and reliable Vendista terminal and its versions for impulse machines, micro markets and street vending; all-in-one devices Vendotek and aQSi Cube.

This year Telemetron will also represent additional equipment for coffee machines: an automatic cup dispenser and an updated unit for cashless payment Scan-Box, a multifunctional device comprising an acquiring terminal, a QR code scanner and an information display.

Welcome to stand A202!

Modulbank has introduced special rates for marketplace sellers

A bank for entrepreneurs, Modulbank, has introduced a line of rates for marketplace sellers. The rates have been introduced as part of the Marketplace option launched by the bank in 2021. They include the bank’s special terms and a range of services that will help develop an online store, decrease operational expenses and increase profitability.

What coffee machine when placed in a coffee corner will help generate profit?
Modularity and versatility of the new rhTT3 machine inspires admiration!

Meet a new professional series of rh coffee machines designed for coffee beans and instant coffee. The series is a compact and high-tech innovation with easy-to-rearrange external modular containers for ingredients. The coffee machine makes 12 drinks. Its digital code will simplify the service and filling with ingredients. Get a closer look at this and other innovations during VerSous 2023.