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Our Customers Will Continue to Drink Lavazza, Boasi and Covim

“We have retained European supply channels, communication and trust of partners and customers. We still have partnership agreements with Italia-based producers of coffee (Lavazza, Boasi, Covim), ingredients (Ristora) and equipment (Evoca). Our customers can receive products they love quickly and at adequate prices to continue with their business regardless of any external factors,” Aleksandr Smirnov, Executive Director of SIBA GROUP, says.
According to him, the past year has confirmed Albert Einstein’s idea that
“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”
The challenge is, however, to identify this opportunity and seize it. 2023 will show whether we have taken full advantage of the opportunity. No matter what SIBA GROUP plans to remain a market leader by continuing to expand its own chain and driving the Russian vending market in general.