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Asian Gachapons Will Give a Fresh Momentum to the Russian Market

Despite disrupted logistic chains, Vendors has not lost a single supplier.

Olesya Klimentyeva, Brand Manager at Vendors: “We demonstrated an upward trend in 2022. However, more than two-thirds of our turnover is generated by goods that we buy in dollars/yuan, and their final cost is heavily affected by exchange rates. In spring, summer and autumn of 2022, as exchange rates were partly driven by factor outside the market, final turnover figures in rubles are not entirely correct. In terms of quantities, we have growth almost in all categories. The greatest progress was achieved in food fillers.

In this year’s plans, we are going to bring gachapons to Russia. This is a line of Asia-made devices that are unique to our country – they are designed to sell large capsules with toys with cashless payment capability. We hope the innovation will give a momentum for development to the entire vending industry.”