Cloud services for communications
MANGO OFFICE is a developer of software and services for business communications. It is one of the leading providers of SaaS-solutions and the leader on the Russian market of virtual PBX.
The Company offers business digitalization, communication and multichannel analytics solutions. More than 53,000 companies use MANGO OFFICE cloud platform. The service has more than 4 million calls per day as a managed traffic and geographically covers 99 cities of the Russian Federation.
There are more than 100 Unified Communications-class solutions in the MANGO OFFICE product line, including the largest cloud telephone exchange in Russia, omni-channel call-center, dynamic call tracking and speech analytics. The products are offered in form of cloud solution, hybrid cloud and no-code-integration.
Our own development team of more than 300 people participates in the development of products. The services are constantly updated, according to the latest technologies and market needs. The company's portfolio includes successfully completed projects with the largest medical, manufacturing, and trading enterprises.
MANGO OFFICE cloud platform has recognized as the most functional UCaaS solution by the results of 2021. The company is also in the top largest IT companies in Russia and the top five largest SaaS companies in Russia by the results of 2020.
MANGO OFFICE products don't just help manage communications and develop marketing strategies. Its key task is to create cloud solutions that would open up new opportunities for Russian companies and help them focus on its strategic goals. MANGO OFFICE mission is to help strengthen the economy through business support."

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