Platform for launching and supporting franchisees
FRUK is an online platform for launching and supporting franchisee partners.

The possibilities of "FRUIT":

1. All in one place. Run your business from one "window" — it's so convenient! All information about your network, files, reports, analytics — everything is at hand. Why throw everything in different places, use a huge amount of software, if you can keep everything under control?

2. Branding the platform according to your corporate identity - make the platform the way you need it.

3. Interactive learning. With our course builder, you can create exciting learning materials that will turn learning into a real adventure. And the analytics system will show how your franchisees are doing, so that calls and checks will be in the past.
- Automatic certification of the studied materials;
- The ability to configure personal access to materials;
- Download video lessons;
- Own file storage, etc.

4. Built-in chat. All your communication with franchisees in one place — forget about messengers and email.

5. Automatic collection of reports on established indicators. If the franchisee has not completed the report on time, the system automatically restricts his access to all the functionality of the platform, except for payment and filling out the report. This contributes to discipline and timely fulfillment of obligations.

6. Dashboard of the management company. To make managing your network even easier, we have created a special control panel. Here you can see the reports and analytics of your network, as well as individual franchisees, without switching between different applications or tabs.

7. The ability to set tasks and monitor their implementation. You can set tasks with deadlines for a specific franchisee or for the entire network as a whole.

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