Dumpling vending machines
PelMeni vending machines sell a wide range of hot dishes: dumplings, pilaf, spaghetti, wok and others.
- All dishes are prepared in advance and packed in cardboard cups, which are convenient to eat even on the go
- They are loaded and stored in a machine in the freezer at subzero temperatures to stay delicious and fresh for a long time
- At the time of purchase, they are heated up and given out hot in just 2.5 minutes

The cost of dumplings with packaging is, on average, 120 rubles. We recommend selling at 249 rubles.
When selling 50 servings per day, minus all expenses including the courier's salary, the profit per month is 145.453 rubles.
For the year, this is 1,745,440 rubles of net profit from one machine.

Completely Russian production!
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