Wilstream - contact center for business
Wilstream is one of the first professional outsourcing call centres in Russia and CIS.
Today we have over 2300 employees, 5 offices in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and an international division in Baku.

All Wilstream contact centre services help companies to improve customer experience, get more sales and optimise business processes.

We provide customer care services: 24/7 phone and chat, order processing and confirmation, marketplaces, technical and customer support.

You can use Wilstream's services to increase sales: find new customers and partners, ensure a daily flow of leads, find out the information you need for successful transactions.

Use Wilstream's services and technologies to conduct audits of your sales team, NPS and CSI surveys, content moderation on various platforms.

Our 20 years of experience, team and artificial intelligence technologies enable us to quickly solve complex business problems. We make it easy and comfortable for you.


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