Trading & Industrial Vending Company
VendShop's flagships are SM VENDOR snack vending machines, coffee shops and COFFEE SPACE self-service micromarkets. The company also offers various models of vending machines for any piece of products, devices for bottling drinking and carbonated water, as well as models for the sale of household chemicals.
VendShop annually expands the range of equipment and improves the range of vending machines, as well as has non-competitive advantages and developments:
• the software of VendShop vending machines allows you to manage any other devices, including equipment of other brands, which allows you to save on payment systems and receive information about the operation of points in a single personal account;
• the only freezer system on the market for vending machines with "Frozen Food" technology allows you to ensure a constant temperature of up to -18 degrees, which makes it possible to sell ice cream and frozen products. The system distributes the cooled air evenly.

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