Atmospheric coffee shop with signature cuisine
ZDRASTE is a successful chain of cozy coffee shops in Moscow and the Moscow region.
60 partners, more than 30 open locations.
We create cozy meeting places where you want to return again and again.
We are a professional management team.
We offer full partner support from selecting a location to opening a coffee shop:
- location search
- support of rental transactions
- design project and construction and installation works
- selection and training of personnel
- partner training
- ordering equipment and furniture
- interior and façade advertising design
- agreements with suppliers
- marketing plan
- opening a coffee shop

We have a working financial model and working marketing. We know our target audience and their motives for consumption.
Special offer for exhibition visitors: We are giving 300 thousand rubles for business Franchise terms:
Lump sum payment 1,250,000 rubles
Royalty 6%
Marketing 2%
Investments from 7,000,000 rubles
Payback from 16 months

Franchise benefits:
- We are a successful brand
- Unique concept
- Full kitchen cycle. Author's dishes from under the knife
- A system of constant support and promotion of partners has been developed
- Own center for training partners and staff
- Verified list of suppliers with the lowest prices
- Full partner support in all areas
- Our main rule is that each location must be ideal in all respects. We never take half measures, the result is important to us

Open your own profitable coffee shop with us


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